Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Just Because…

Thanksgiving is almost here.  The gathering place is set.  Who is cooking what is almost decided.  It should be a full house full of wonderful aromas that will beckon us to eat too much, and then a hour later go at it again.

What has been left out?  Surely it is all planned, right?

What about Thanksgiving?

What do you mean, what about Thanksgiving?  That’s what we have planned, right?

Sort of…

It seems like we have everything but Thanksgiving.  How about we start listing the things for which we give thanks.  Please take just a moment or so and post a couple comments about the things for which you are thankful.

OK, I’ll start here.  You continue in the comments below.

Abundant Life
Life Eternal
My family
Family gatherings
Living in a country where we can express our thoughts and still disagree with each other
Turkey sandwiches

Okay, pick it up from here…