Monday, May 8, 2017

2017 Reunion Site

Our reunion site for 2017 is River Hills Lodge near Beavers Bend State Park and  Broken Bow Lake.
This is a new unit due to be completed in June of this year.

The cost per person should be $139 if we have 18 people who are 18 or older.  Less if we have more people and more if we have less.  You know the drill.

More information to follow.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Just Because…

Thanksgiving is almost here.  The gathering place is set.  Who is cooking what is almost decided.  It should be a full house full of wonderful aromas that will beckon us to eat too much, and then a hour later go at it again.

What has been left out?  Surely it is all planned, right?

What about Thanksgiving?

What do you mean, what about Thanksgiving?  That’s what we have planned, right?

Sort of…

It seems like we have everything but Thanksgiving.  How about we start listing the things for which we give thanks.  Please take just a moment or so and post a couple comments about the things for which you are thankful.

OK, I’ll start here.  You continue in the comments below.

Abundant Life
Life Eternal
My family
Family gatherings
Living in a country where we can express our thoughts and still disagree with each other
Turkey sandwiches

Okay, pick it up from here…

Monday, October 31, 2016

Christmas Break for Tom and Sharman in Oklahoma.

Help identify everyone in this picture.  This was Sharman's first trip to Oklahoma.

Tom brought Sharman to Oklahoma at Christmas time in 1983.    Clockwise from upper left--please verify.

Fred Canada
Fern Meany
Raymond Canada
Hidden person?
Stella Canada
Melba Miller
Bottom left?

Was this at Fern Meany's or Vernon & Anne Spence's house.  Help and corrections in the comments section please.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

I was already speeding

The Travel Inn in Edmond, Oklahoma was a mandatory stop for my grandfather on most trips to town.  He might not have to stay long but he had to say hello to many old friends.  Grandpa described to me one time when he was leaving his favorite stop and heading home.  He had stayed a while and had enjoyed a few or maybe several beers.

He said that he was driving along and somebody came up behind him and then pulled around and passed him like he was just sitting there.  He said that he gave it some gas and in turn passed the offender and stayed ahead of him.

My grandfather explained, “I had to pass him.  I was already speeding when he passed me.”

I don’t know that I can explain his logic but perhaps I can better understand why some of my cousins enjoyed racing so much.  Some of it must have been hereditary. 

Oh, we've hit that before...

On one of my occasional trips to the Travel Inn in Edmond, Oklahoma in which my grandfather drove despite my multiple offers to chauffeur, we had concluded our business and were ready to head home. As he backed the car out of the parking space—a piece of gravel lot indistinguishable from the rest of the lot—and backed up, I noticed a short pole to the rear.

Realize that when my grandfather put the car in gear he would also accelerate.  It did not matter which direction; he gave it some gas.  So there I was in the back seat as tires were spinning, gravel making a furious noise, and we were racing backwards when I saw this pole that we were closing in on fast.

I yelled, “Pole!”

Stella, his wife, casually looked back at me and said, “Oh, we’ve hit that before.”

Grandpa put it in drive, gave it some gas, and we spun out on the gravel until we hit asphalt.  Apparently, the small poles at the edge of the lot were just magic posts in the pinball parking game of which I had yet to receive my initiation. I should have known that my grandfather would have already tested the boundaries of the parking lot.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Muster Your Memories

Everyone on the mailing list should receive a hard copy R.E. Canada Family Reunion letter this week.  Please read it and start making plans and taking the steps needed to get to next year’s reunion.

I wanted to get something out in hard copy to get things started and to announce the Raymond E. Canada family reunion blog.  You can go to or and these domains will forward you to the blog.

They all lead to the same place.  Please read the letter and get on top of all of the logistics, planning, and budgeting that you need to do to get there—but for the moment, start putting your memories together and emailing them to me.

These may be memories of Raymond Canada, funny stories, or just fond experiences that need to be shared.


They can be reunion experiences that you want to share and for which the statute of limitations has expired.

Also, send pictures of Raymond so that I can post them on the site as well.  Please get them into a .jpg format and send them electronically.  Give me as much detail as you can to go with the photo post.

Here is the great thing about the blog format.  We can add to the story as we go.  Check out what is already posted.  If you have more to add to that story, use the comments.  If you have more than will go in the comments section, write a story and email it to me in Word or as plain text in an email--something that I can copy and paste.

One final note:  NO BLOGJACKING.  Add as much relevant information as you want to articles and pictures but let’s not go down rabbit trails that don’t relate.  We can hijack all the Facebooks posts we want but let’s keep this blog full of good memories…and we better remember them now while we still can.

Contest #1--First Fees and Facts

I just read the reunion letter and I am exhausted.  That's too much reading for one year.  

Oh, get over it and get on with it.  Some text that much in the first quarter of a football game.

Here is the real question:  Did you catch the earn money towards the reunion contest?  If not, here it is:

 I will contribute $10 towards your housing costs for the first 3 Registration Fees received before 1 December 2016 if you also can tell me the significance of the date on the letterhead and the full names of the two people responsible for that date.  I will go by the postmarked date on your envelope to determine sequence.  USPS registration only for this incentive.  More ways to earn something towards your bill later on..

Some restrictions apply.

1.  Not redeemable for cash or other application (e.g. tee shirt cost).
2.  In case of ties, the distance traveled by the letter will be the tie breakers.